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“Faltu Love Story The Last Letter From Your Lover”

Faltu First of all I would like to introduce the words of faltu. faltu means in India useless, meaningless, worthless.


faltu Love
Faltu Love

Characater of Faltu love story

A faltu love story of a college student. whose name is Nishant his lover's Name is Ishita.

Nishant and Ishita

Introduction of Faltu love story

Nishant- Nishant is very hardworking, handsome, and good-looking. he also does business part-time. with full dedication and always motivated.

Ishita- Ishita- Ishita is also very hardworking, pretty, milky, and looking awesome. she takes home tuition for managing her all expenses.

Starting of Fatlu story of love

One day Nishant and ishita met in the market. When they met. Nishant looks like a statue in front of ishita. Ishita is shocked and thinks why he is looking in this way. because she does not feel his emotions. But Nishant thinks she is my soulmate. and starting first sight love of Nishant.

Nishant decided to contact her. but he has not any contact. Nishant thinks a lot and finds the facebook id of ishita and sent a friend request. luckily ishita accepted his friend request. and they became friends and chatting on Facebook.

A very beautiful video gift to ishita on her Birthday by Nishant making his own. When seeing This video Ishita was very impressed with Nishant. Ishita said it's a very special Birthday gift for me. And she gives contact and WhatsApp Number. And Faltu Love going to the next level. They are calling talking everyday night. They are very happy.

Break of Faltu Love

One day Nishant asked for dinner with ishita. And she got very angry with Nishant. I'm very busy these days. I don't like stupid and faltu things. Everybody is eating food. so there is no point in asking. I use WhatsApp for other works. My request I that if you have any work or something important then only message and call.

Nishant Reply- Ok my dear Sorry for the inconvenience I'm really very sorry. Now I get my point I'm really very sorry for that. so don't worry not repeat my mistake again.

Then Ishita Reply- It was not my intention to hurt you at all. I have an exam ahead so now especially I don't want to take any risk.

And they are separated. It's a real-life observation story. And this story is continued. So it's become a faltu Love Story. If you want to read more comments now yes I want to read more.

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